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July 17th 1994
Pictures in The News Paper Wild Life, interviewed by
Michelle Ganz,
Where Butch spoke about his personality and how people look at, and when they met him for the first time.

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Butch Loved it

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Butch with Models

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Paraguay Independence Day

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Butch, Al & Friends

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Taurus Entrance

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Main Highway Side

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Arriving at Miami International Airport August 17th 1995, I didn't know what kind of surprises this city would  have in store for me.  Miami not only gave me a lot of joy, happiness and even sadness but also enabled me to  meet a lot of people who became my friends.  My music, which I stopped playing in 1999 was reborn again and I got to play with not only great musicians but also met a with fantastic, incredible, funny, intelligent, smart, passionate, sensitive man, having not only devotion, but also compassion and ready to help everybody, anytime, anywhere, in any circumstances as this story will tells you about this humble human being who was 
     Sterling Warren (a.k.a BUTCH BEAMER). 

To me, it was like being in a whole new world even though I have traveled all around the globe. I remember that when my boss (Frank) came to pick me up at the airport I arrived with only two suitcases and a bag. Frank who was a fantastic person gave me a room in his house for two weeks and transferred me into a beautiful apartment in Biscayne Blvd at the Dobble Tree Hotel & Residences, where he rented a 2 bedrooms flat on the 19th floor. This apartment had a view of Miami Beach, Biscayne Bay, Downtown and the Harbor of Miami with the cruise liners waiting for passengers to go out in the Caribbean Paradise Islands.
Although it was a beautiful environment and I had all I needed to begin my new life, I felt like an outsider.  Feeling alone and maybe for the first time in my life scared about what would happen to me if I couldn't get my green card in order to stay in this country, which had been my dream since the age of 15.   What would happen to me if the job that I was assigned to do didn't work like it should!
So many questions, and no answers at that time. Beginning a new life after having had a lot of friends all over the world.   Being in Miami in a beautiful apartment but alone. Every day I would go out to investigate and get to know my surroundings to become more familiar with my new life and the environment that I would have to live in for the rest of my life!
My quest brought me to a place, which was the oldest Bar Restaurant in Miami (The TAURUS). There was a band playing every weekends, it was a great place with a lot of people who I didn't know but were very friendly.
I was going there every weekend.  I observed the waiter who was wearing a beautiful and special outfit and I tried to imaging 
"How it would be for this waiter to work wearing such outfit in a bar or restaurant in Switzerland or in Europe?" Waiters in Europe wear mostly a white shirt and black pants.
Every week during the 7 years that I knew this person he didn't wear the same outfit twice. He was always laughing with everybody, working and entertaining at the same time.  People who loved him understood but didn't realize what " Butch" did all his life in order to survive and become a unique and exclusive figure.
I heard later that 40 years ago Butch came back from the Vietnam war and like many other veterans had post traumatic stress syndrome which at that time wasn't recognized by the medical world like it is today. This situation brought on excessive drinking and he became an alcoholic. Although he was in very bad shape his guardian angel called him back to reality and took him out of this deadly situation, which would I'm sure have killed him before his time. He became like an angel for others with the same problem and he helped everybody he could, like a missionary would.   He became a symbol of the Taurus Bar Restaurant and I can say the unique personality of Coconut Grove if not the nation. Believe me I traveled all over the world but a human being like " Butch" I never ever met before.
I loved this man as a friend like I have never loved anybody. He was for me the power of life and had character, self discipline, honesty, willing to be better with each passing day and most of all to be there when somebody needed him.
In 1999, a friend of " Butch" died of prostate cancer. His name was Wayne and he was the owner of a Jewelry store at the Grand Rue in Coconut Grove.  At the Church ceremony Butch was the "Judge-of-Peace, who spoke and sang a song for his friend.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My friend the waiter of the Taurus, being there at the Coconut Grove Church.
One day in December 1999 as I told Butch that I was to play with the Alhambra Orchestra at the Christmas Messiah , which I played at every year at the  Miami University Gassman Hall, he asked me if he could come to sing with us. I told him that not only I would be honored to have him singing with the 120 pieces Choir, but also be very happy if I could share this Christmas event with him. He came and sang with the choir. One more time I was amazed at his interest for everything all the time.
Unfortunately, one day he told me that he had prostate cancer also and was ready to give his life to our father and protector The Lord.
  I was so sad but knowing that when it's your time to leave this earth, nothing can change it. " Butch" knew it and died laughing.
Since that day I only have the picture, which is on the top left of this page, and always look at him with his bright smile and have fond memories of how fantastic and exclusive this man was.
That's why after so many years I decided to share with you all (with the help of David Glass) who gave me some interesting pictures from "Butch".  
Please if you have more pictures of "Butch", please do not hesitate to send them to me via email with your name, and so we will carry on the spirit of Sterling Warren. Here is to you Butch!

My email:  aldesign2@hotmail.com 

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Butch w/Shaquille O'Neil

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Mohamed Ali Punching
a customer at The Taurus

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The Rockefellas Band
With Shaquille O'Neil
Today playing with

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Butch as Doctor

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Parking Entrance

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Courtyard Corner

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Butch with 2 Friends

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Welcome Jimmy Buffett






















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