Butch was the foundation of the Taurus and the man who was always ready to help anybody who needed.
In addition of his work, he performed different functions for the community of Coconut Grove.
He was not only a waiter, priest, but also a man who wasn't afraid to do task, which other
people refused to do view their position in the community. BUTCH was a real man.
Today December 6th 2007, I could complete the legacy of Butch putting in this
web site pictures of an era, which was photograph and given by:

David Glass, who allowed me to build the first page
and also to put the interview realized July 1994
by the Coconut Grove Tropical Tribune.

David Bealles who photograph Butch at the Taurus
and allow to a lot of you to remember this time 
and atmosphere that Butch created in the Grove.

Terry Fox like David Bealles, took the pictures
and I say to all of them, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Now I want to say a huge thank you to the best dancers, poetry and animations that these two
persons brought to "The Taurus", and I want to say that without them today I wouldn't have 
received all these pictures that I was looking  for more than 3 years calling, emailing different 
people but never received a call back or answer  from them. Perhaps these people have a so 
high "EGO", that it made them blind and forgot that "Butch" was close to them when they needed!
 Anyway today I can share with you these Exclusive pictures taken by the three persons mentioned 
above and given to me by Deborah and Duane Crisp. Again thank you so much to all mentioned in this page.

Taurus Panel.jpg (160072 bytes)    TaurusMainHwySide.jpg (158763 bytes)    TaurusMainHwySide2.jpg (117013 bytes)    TaurusOutsideCorner.jpg (98858 bytes)    TaurusInside.jpg (113975 bytes)
The Taurus  historical place, which disappeared to let place at the supposed evolution of "Coconut Grove"?

The face of Butch without his terrific outfits, which were never the same during years that I knew and saw him.
    ButchasPriestH.jpg (84036 bytes)    ButchGrovePartyH.jpg (106933 bytes)    ButchGroveWeedingH.jpg (81034 bytes)    ButchGroveWeedingH2.jpg (85397 bytes)    ButchwhisFriendsH.jpg (68312 bytes)    ButchintheBoatw_Al_H.jpg (126227 bytes)

ButchAtHome.jpg (56883 bytes)    ButchPosingV.jpg (100321 bytes)    ButchunderbranchesV.jpg (91148 bytes)    Butch in the Garden.jpg (36994 bytes)

Now! the real Butch that all of you have known, and I'm sure wont NEVER FORGET. 

    Butch&AliciaBirthday.jpg (54809 bytes)    Butch&BrooksH.jpg (82726 bytes)    ButchMouthExtension.jpg (56960 bytes)    Butch@PoetryNightH.jpg (64126 bytes)    ButchasMiceH.jpg (102672 bytes)    ButchasRabinoH.jpg (82795 bytes)    ButchasSt,NicklausH.jpg (103200 bytes)

    ApprendicePlumberSeekWorkV.jpg (118470 bytes)    ButchClown.jpg (31204 bytes)    ButchClownwWoman.jpg (41608 bytes)     ButchReadyforHurricanesV.jpg (78229 bytes)   Butch@MangoStrutV.jpg (95621 bytes)    ButchCounting$V.jpg (89141 bytes)    ButchDevilsNightV.jpg (84426 bytes)

                ButchSaidGoMarlinsH.jpg (114692 bytes)    ButchThe ColonialistH.jpg (77357 bytes)    HappyBirthday3_H.jpg (102868 bytes)    HappyBirthBruceCarlsonH.jpg (109172 bytes)    ButchW2TaurusOwnerH.jpg (90535 bytes)    ButchwBrooksGirlFriendH.jpg (92554 bytes)    HappyBirthdaySandraH.jpg (86533 bytes)    

    ButchWShaqONeilV.jpg (85009 bytes)    ButchWTahir2V.jpg (74633 bytes)    ButchWTahirV.jpg (75424 bytes)    Happy159thBirthdayWyatt.jpg (40575 bytes)    Happy121stAlbertSchweizerBirthH.jpg (72016 bytes)    HappBirtEmmetKellyV.jpg (107058 bytes)    Happy68thBirthMickeyMouseV.jpg (88428 bytes)

    Happy133rdAnniversaryH.jpg (92450 bytes)    ButchWTahirSoup'sOnH.jpg (102572 bytes)    ButchwDonaldHatH.jpg (145075 bytes)    HappyBirtgEltonJohnH.jpg (84652 bytes)    HappyBirth1stHeartTransplantH.jpg (85673 bytes)    HappyBirthAll5H.jpg (102010 bytes)   HappyBirthAll5_H.jpg (80637 bytes)

    HappyBirthdayAliciaV.jpg (62141 bytes)    HappyBirthdayGirlsV.jpg (100202 bytes)    ButchSpiritV.jpg (100245 bytes)    ButchW_Vicar.jpg (40646 bytes)    HappyBirthDonnaBurchV.jpg (87475 bytes)    HappyBirthJerryFoxV.jpg (82475 bytes)    ButchTheGrovePiratesV.jpg (77327 bytes)

        HappyBirthPamyH.jpg (100322 bytes)    HappyBirthShirleyGOH.jpg (94329 bytes)    HappyChineseNewYearH.jpg (70076 bytes)    HappyBirthtoPinocchio2H.jpg (87997 bytes)   HappyBirthtoPinocchioH.jpg (100874 bytes)    HappyBirthWayneFarewellH.jpg (77660 bytes)    HappyBirtNeverBuyCheapH.jpg (74738 bytes)

HappyChildrenSafetyMonth.jpg (81278 bytes)    HappyDEADeptV.jpg (61714 bytes)    HappyBirthSalvatorDaliV.jpg (101592 bytes)    HappyFuelPhilipineIndDayV.jpg (86780 bytes)    HappyFullMoonH.jpg (88128 bytes)    HappyHalloweenV.jpg (82509 bytes)    HappyHalloweenV2.jpg (74609 bytes)

WelcomeTastetheGroveChefsV.jpg (79361 bytes)    HappyHarborDayV.jpg (74736 bytes)    HappyNationPestContMonthV.jpg (110140 bytes)    HappySurferDayV.jpg (93800 bytes)    HappyJohnHanckocj259BirthdayV.jpg (86013 bytes)    HappyLaborDayKittyV.jpg (85814 bytes)    HappyNationalPieDayV.jpg (82754 bytes) 

HappyIndepenceDayIndiaH.jpg (105535 bytes)    HappyNationPsychicWeekH.jpg (101595 bytes)   HappyNewYearIran2H.jpg (108617 bytes)    HappyNewYearIranH.jpg (77633 bytes)    HappyNorvegianIndependanceH.jpg (91978 bytes)    HappyPrehistoricManH.jpg (73207 bytes)   HappyNationChemistryWeekH.jpg (123704 bytes)   

KeepingtoseekJobasV.jpg (69668 bytes)    HappyThanksGivingDayH.jpg (111697 bytes)    HappyVeteransDayH.jpg (118175 bytes)    UnemployedBarberSeekWorkH.jpg (94071 bytes)    VisionProblemsFreeExamH.jpg (87898 bytes)   NeverTeaseBeesV.jpg (86364 bytes)    WeHavePamploneBurgersV.jpg (86365 bytes)       

 WeHaveLovePotV.jpg (76287 bytes)    WeHaveLovePot2V.jpg (16781 bytes)   WeHaveLovePot3H.jpg (116807 bytes)    WeHavethePotionH.jpg (68093 bytes)    HomesForWomanH.jpg (101123 bytes)    WeHaveLovePot5V.jpg (85871 bytes)    WeHaveLovePot4V.jpg (91569 bytes)  

                 butch's hat party.jpg (404958 bytes)           butch hat party 2.jpg (464720 bytes)         butch's hat party 3.jpg (402451 bytes)           butchs hat party 4 peter.jpg (379459 bytes)
                      Butch Hat Party     Butch with Peter and?    Butch and Lisa     Butch with Lisa & Peter

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