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Ursula was born in St.Gallen, Switzerland        Ursy+Flowerpic.jpg (192909 bytes)

She currently lives and works in Meilen (Lake of Zurich, Switzerland) on so-called  “Gold Coast”, which might explain that gold, is one of the colors that she likes to use in many of her paintings.

Apart from an eight month stay in London in 1979, Ursula mainly lived and worked in Switzerland, but mostly for international companies. She calls herself an international person with a Swiss heart.

In 1992 Ursula decided to stop working in the economy in the project area and have her own business. One of the strong interests is and was into the psychological side of people – so she started to work as a consultant and created seminars on the subject’s communication, the handling of problems and rules of life.

1999 Ursula decided to go back to work in the economy, but beside that she wanted to use her creative skills. This was the time she started her paintings. A friend asked her to join a wax-painting course (Encaustic – see below). Ursula immediately loved the strong and powerful colors work with hot wax. Not only the colors expressed a strong power, but also the painting Wax materiel is natural and smells wonderful. So if you hold one of her paintings in your hand, you might smell a slight smell of sweetest Wax bee that makes you dreaming.

While working Ursula completely forgets time and place. There is only inspiration, the passion of colors and her fantasy that creates the pictures. The colors she uses and the subjects she paints express her feelings of the moment. One of the colors she uses the most is blue, it express the sky and the sea that Ursula loves, her winter sceneries are not only wonderful, but reflect her incredible talent as Artist.

The Wax Painting Technique:

Encaustic is a new creative form of an old, rediscovered technique. The old Egyptians and old Greeks already liquefied wax with color particles. Paintings of these times lasted for millenniums without loosing any of their intensity and illuminating power.

Beside the passion for painting Ursula is also a passionate cook and one of her favorite dishes is (pasta al arrabiata). Ursula loves to listen to good music of many different styles. Whenever possible she enjoys the time and beautiful view from her terrace. She likes to laugh, to meet friends and discussions with people with vibrations and a good sense of humor. She also loves to be out in the nature, and dreaming about it, which gave us life and love that every human being need.  

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