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    My gift has been on February 24th, 2013 after more han 40 years, I met Larry Johnson member today of the famous and best group on the planet.

    On February 12th 2014, I was invited at the Temptations legacy concert, which was at the Atlantic Resort in Ft.Lauderdale. That night the lead singer Larry Johnson did an unexpected announced in the middle of the concert telling the public who was at this concert that, a special friend who he met two years ago came from Switzerland to honor the legacy of Temptations. Larry at this point asked the public to do an ovation in my person doing a loud and long applause which to me was a big surprise and a second gift.
                                                                                 THE TEMPTATION'S
    Last year trough thr singer who was playing in my band, told me that a member of The Temptations was living in West Palm Beach, which is a 3 hours drive from Miami. Unfortunately, at that time I couldn't' go to see him, but we talked on the phone and I told him that I will keep in touch having missed the opportunity to meet The Temptations in the 70's when I was playing in London and my girl friend told me at that time that she knew David Ruffin, lead singer of the group.

    Well my wishes to meet them came 43  years later, which is a gift given to me because, it was my dream, although if I worked in the Music business with the most famous Music Stars in the World.

    On February 23rd, Larry Johnson gave me a call to tell me that on Sunday 24th a private Temptation concert will happen and that he invited me to be part of it. In addition he told me that knowing that I don't have a car, I didn't have to worry, he will come to pick me up in Miami.

    That day I felt like being in a dream, but I said thank you to my angel that allowed me to meet the band which has been to me, my inspiration not only of that great time of soul, funky and R&B music, but which to me was the best and powerful music.

    Thank you Larry not only to have made my dream come true as I told you that night, but also to have be so kind to me, to help me with my eyesight handicap.

    tis William  (Band Leader), aul William (First Lead Singer 60's), Melvin Franklin (Bariton), David Ruffin (Lead Singer), Eddie Kendricks (Lead  High Pitch Voice) & Richard Street (Bgrd Singer 60's). and came in later, Dennis Edward as Lead Singer who replaced David Ruffin.








    Today Sammy left Sonny Rolling to dedicate his time
    not only for his Latin Jazz Band, but to prepare his
    World Tour 2014.

     Festival in the World, which is the Montreux Jayy Festival where for more than 5 years I was woThe World is a small place! I say that because after more than 20 years, I saw again my friend Sammy who I met for the first time at one of the biggest Summerrking as sponsor manager & technician for the company Jacques Isler,Inc. in Zurich. I was working every year with more than 100 big Stars of the World Music Business and there, was playing Sammy Figueroa.
    Having moved to Miami as musician, I was going when I didn't play to many places where they had live music. One of the best, which had always very good bands was the Van-Dyke in the Lincoln Road, which is the most touristic area of Miami Beach. There was my surprise of the day! I saw again Sammy who was playing with his Latin Jazz Explosion band which still playing today. Since that night I keep in touch with Sammy, who today play not only with his band but also with one of the biggest Star in the World, Sonny Rollins. Sammy received yesterday September 12, 2012 at the Blue Note NY, the Music Award for his performances during his music career. Congratulations Sammy!

    HOMAGE TO BRIAN DAVISON             May 25th 1942 to April 15th 2008

    It is with profound sadness that I would like to share with all of you the passing on April 15th 2008, of Brian Davison, "drummer extraordinaire" and for me, a true kindred Spirit. Brian was the drummer for "Refugee"  the group I had formed with him and Lee Jackson. Prior to "Refugee" he was the drummer for "The Nice" which included Keith Emerson and Lee Jackson.  He also had his own group "Every Which Way", and had played with
    the group "Gong", as well as a lot of musicians and artists.

    Refugee_Brian&_Patrick.jpg (40486 bytes)Brian was not only a great "musical" drummer, he was also my friend until the end.  During our time together in  "Refugee" he was my "rock soul-mate". A gentle soul at that and a wonderful human being, full of life, with a great sense of humor and always a good word for everyone.After Refugee, Brian and I  stayed in contact and a few years ago he told me he had found a "live" tape of a concert we had done in Newcastle City Hall in 1974. This was a great find and a wonderful surprise for both Lee and myself.   I was astonished that this tape  had been kept intact for so many years and after many discussions and try-outs, this live concert was finally ready to be released on the Voiceprint Label, thanks to and because of Brian. During the many rehearsals and the recordings of the "Refugee" album, and throughout our somewhat "short" touring career as a live band, we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of every piece of music we played together and every aspect of our lives together as part of “Refugee”. I have extremely fond memories of Brian and I will miss him immensely.
    May God Bless his precious Soul.

    Patrick Moraz

    I share your sadness having lost one of my best friend, I can say my brother, who was Luther Allison few years ago.
    I miss him immense;y like you do for a person who was considered not only a friend, but a member of you family.

    I met Patrick Moraz in the 70's when I was playing at "Le Grillon" one of the most known dancing in Geneva. At that time clubs were all over Europe and musicians didn't have a lot of struggle and therefore to think about  "Where I'm going to play tomorrow?". PatrickMoraz_Yes142.jpg (10219 bytes)One night having finish to play in an other club before the "Le Grillon" closed, I went there to  When I was in, I saw a young keyboard player, who was playing with his foot, nose (face down) and dancing from left to right of his keyboards. I saw right away that, this  young musician will have a bright future in the Music Business."I WAS RIGHT"!
    I met Patrick that night, and being both at that time in Switzerland we met more than once. The picture on the right was taken in a bar in Geneva, showing Patrick in good company and on the right side myself, who since that night never saw Patrick  again, because of the " take off"  with the well known band "YES" and later with "MOODY BLUES". 
    Today if you look at his web site you'll see what Patrick Moraz did, and I'm sure most of the young musicians today, who will read not only Patrick impressive bio, but also what he accomplished as musician, composer, producer and studio engineer during the past 36 years, will hope to succeed one day like Patrick did.

    Patrick Moraz was born in Morges, Switzerland. He attended school both in Morges and La Chaux-de Fonds and began studying the violin and piano at the age of three. By the age of nine, he was studying classical music on a number of instruments including trumpet, horns, flute, organ and vibraphone. After completing classical studies in Latin and ancient Greek at the school of St. Maurice, Patrick continued music lessons at the Conservatory of Lausanne where he studied, on rare occasions, Harmony and Counterpoint with famous classical teacher Nadia Boulanger. Moraz continued studying with other local luminaries who made him understand what "real" music was and teaching him the secrets of improvisation, composition and expression on a more esoteric and spiritual level.
    Patrick's serious commitment to the piano really began while he was living in Vevey, in the same house as, and studying piano by watching and listening to, Clara Haskil, the great Romanian concert pianist who was one of the world's leading authorities on the music of Mozart, Schubert, Schumann and Beethoven. "However, I broke my right arm in a skiing accident when I was thirteen," Patrick says now. " And later that year, fractured the fingers of my right hand due to an unfortunate roller-skating accident. I was told I was never going to play classical music again. I chose not to believe that." Patrick carried on playing and composing, also practicing his left hand, while the right was immobilized.
           "Although I've met many great musicians and had some great teachers, I believe I was more self-taught."
                           PatPscycadelic.jpg (22458 bytes)PatrickwithYES.jpg (28868 bytes)   PatrickToday.jpg (25724 bytes) Patrick1982Demo.jpg (35474 bytes)   
                                     PatrickPlayingPiano.jpg (28047 bytes) PatHippi1980.jpg (26295 bytes)Patplayingfaced.jpg (32414 bytes)YESVertPic.jpg (41118 bytes)
    PatrickinStudio.jpg (35847 bytes)Patsmart.jpg (20123 bytes)  PatrickPlaying.jpg (33807 bytes)                                                                
                                                        For more LOG ON @:  http://www.patrickmoraz.com/about.htm 
    NEW 2011 Patrick Moraz Concert and Press Critics>>>: Link Below                              


    I met   Dan Farrow when I was working for the number one music distributor in Switzerland "Jacques Isler". Dan was 15 years old at that time and was already interested in everything, which has to do with music. I admired this young "BEE" but didn't pay to much attention because I was very busy traveling all over Europe and the states representing "Peavey Electronics" not only in Switzerland but sponsoring international musicians, who came to perform all over Europe. I saw Dan growing up and one day I saw him again after few years at the "Montreux Jazz Festival".
    The young "BEE" told me that since few years he was involved with bands as keyboard player and began to tour in Switzerland.  I saw him again few years later, and this time he told me that he moved to Los Angeles and was trying to play music over there. His obstinacies to become not only a musician but also playing with stars in the US became a reality, which if he stayed in Switzerland his dream never will have become true. 

    Based in Los Angeles, California, Dan is originally from Zurich, Switzerland, where he was playing Hammond organ since the age of 3. Dan gotDan Farrow in Johannesburg.jpg (38053 bytes) his professional start in the mid-eighties, playing the Montreux Jazz Festival as well as performing with George Benson, Al Jarreau, George Duke, Dennis Chambers and many other top session cats. This exposure soon led to recognition among the international music community. Once in the U.S., word of Dan's very funky high-energy keyboard chops spread quickly. His career really took off when he got called to record with Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Greg Phillinganes, Brenda Russell, Phil Perry, Mavis Staples, Steve Gadd, Jeff Porcaro, Abe Laboriel, Junie Pointer a.o., doing Ray Charles's multi-platinum CD  "My World" on Warner DanIn ParisFunkyDivaTour.jpg (25443 bytes)Brothers Records. To this day he has been doing numerous records and performances working with everybody from James Brown's band to Quincy Jones's &  Brothers Johnson. Highlights also include performing with R&B sensation Domino as part of his first live band, or sharing the stage with the likes of Eric Burdon (The Animals, War), Lakeside, the Mary Jane Girls and others. Dan played keys in several Gospel plays as well, performing with the legendary platinum-selling Clara Ward Singers. Dan has been recording or performing with members of Parliament/Funkadelic, The J.B.'s, Earth, Wind & Fire, Prince, Chaka Khan, Herbie Hancock, LTD, Sade, the Pointer Sisters, the Staple Singers, the Gap Band, Kool & the Gang, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, T-Connection and many more. He hasDan FarrowFaced.jpg (7240 bytes) worked with many different producers such as Multi-Platinum winning Richard Perry (Pointer Sisters, Chaka Khan et al.), Bob Margouleff (Stevie Wonder, Isley Brothers et al.), Wah Wah Watson (Herbie Hancock et al.), Jeffrey Bowen (The Temptations a. o.) and Brian Holland (Parliament/Funkadelic, Mavis Staples), to name a few. Ever since the early nineties Dan's talents are also in demand by the television and movie industry. That's when he was asked to compose and produce music for ABC's "Wheel of Fortune", America's number one game show. His work can be heard in movies like "Another Stakeout" (Touchstone Pictures), starring Richard Dreyfuss and Rosie O'Donnell. More recently he did the music to "Our Neighbors," a movie by director/producer Kathina Szeto.  It is no wonder that the corporate world has noticed this talented artist, so Dan is fortunate to be able to endorse a number of musical instrument manufacturers from Europe, Japan and the U.S. He uses a long list of products from the last 35 years, both live and in the studio. Companies that support him include ACE Products Group  (keyboard cases, USA) where he is one of the main endorsees with artists like Taj Mahal, Ultimate Support Systems (keyboard stands, USA),  Korg (keyboards, Japan), Clavia Dan Farrow withHat.jpg (23112 bytes)(keyboards, Sweden), Limex Systems (Midi systems, Austria) and Aquila Systems (Midi systems, USA).  The most important thing about Dan is that he is a spiritual man. He is definitely in touch with the great chi. This might be one of the reasons for his truly amazing trademark clavinet work (think Stevie Wonder's Superstition) which led to him being nicknamed "Mister Clavinet." He credits early exposure to the great american R&B, funk, jazz and soul artists as his main musical influences. This happened before he even understood the language that they were singing in. He never thought that he would actually get to work with many of these great artists.  Dan is currently in the studio working on a number of projects.  A promo version of  "Devotion" had been generating much interest, so much so that he is planning to do more live dates especially in 2006  in the U.S, as well as in Europe and Asia. Dan's promotional efforts took him as far as the Philippines where he got invited by KISS-FM radio for a Jazz-Special that introduced him to millions of new people. He is also planning a promo tour to support his third album "Devotion" containing 13 new tracks and featuring the explosive jam "Brasil Meu Amor." If he is not doing sessions or writing new material, Dan is performing with many of L.A's top musicians. "I really appreciate all the good things that are coming my way and it is wonderful to work with so many great artists, " he says. It seems like he is doing something right and there will be a lot more to come... So stay tuned!     " Click HERE to Go To DAN FARROW, Web Site.                                        

    Miami’s Jazz Saxophonist Leo Casino along with National Smooth Jazz Recording Artists Pamela Williams and Ken Navarro will headline Memphis, TN 1st Annual Jazz & Artz Festival on Saturday May 18, 2002.  Mr. Casino will be on Channel 3 Early Morning Show on Friday, May 17, 2002 and on Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. Mr. Casino will do a pre-festival performance at Mars Music, in Memphis, TN.   After his performance in Memphis, TN, Mr. Casino will be traveling to Kingston, Jamaica to performance in the Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival from May 23  to May 26, 2002. Jazz artist Leo Casino holds the extraordinary distinction of being the first Jazz Major in the USA where studied under the great Donald Byrd and Quincy Jones at the best and prestigious Howard University, Washington, DC.  Mr. Casino released his debut single "Better Days" after the September 11th "Attack on America".  Leo sends a strong message in both songs "Better Days" and "Gods' Love" to everyone in America. Leo has performed with many other great artists such as: George Benson, Earth, Wind & Fire, Neil Diamond, Jimi Hendrix, Donny Hathaway, Peter Tosh, Neville Brothers, Miles Jaye, Bob Marley, Gloria Gaynor, Robert Flack, Grace Jones, Lionel Richie, Meat Loaf and Jaco Pastorius to name a few.  Mr. Casino is under the management of Jazzii Entertainment & Productions, Corp. based outside of Memphis, TN. Sax tress Pamela Williams trademark sultry performances and stunning looks set her apart from her peers and landed her on Billboard’s specialty charts.  Her debut album, “Saxtress” met with critical acclaim and included guest vocals by Patti LaBelle and Teena Marie (Ms. Williams is Teena Marie’s musical director). Ken Navarro is considered one of the top live Contemporary Jazz acts on the touring scene today.  He has performed and recorded with artists as diverse as Doc Severinesen, Nell Carter, John Pattitucci, Dave Koz and Gregg Karukas.  Navarro was recently awarded the Smooth Jazz Award for Video Achievement at the 1st Annual Smooth Jazz Awards. 
    I had the opportunity to play with Mr.Leo Casino in 1997, when he was playing at the Taurus and his drummer didn't show up! There I was
    and played that night with his band.  I had later an opportunity to play again with him. 2005 gave me the opprotunity to play again not only  with this great musician, who is also a composer, film maker and a man who take care of the situation of African American in Miami as you can see in his impressive bio in this website. 
    (Click Here to Access it)

    Glen Mino has been a regular on the Miami music scene for the last 30 years
    playingGlen_Pano248V.jpg (15911 bytes) to all the major clubs at one time or another. Even though Glen 
    has his roots in the English progressive scene ( Yes, Genesis, 
    Gentle Giant, etc.), he rounded his playing by getting involved with 
    all styles of music. His influences as a guitarist are Robin Ford, 
    Larry Carlton, Allan Holdsworth and Jeff Beck to name a few. 
      For the last 15 years, Glen has played with "The Click" band 
    for over 12 years (They were the house band at the Taurus 
    in the Grove for 3 years back in its great day). They played 
    also in numerous private functions around town. Three years ago 
    03, he started a new band called "State of Mind" with Danny Howe 
    and Larry the bass player. The Band,  which incorporated a wide variety of Rock, 
    Motown, and 70's Dance Music with their own distinct rhythmic versions. 
    The band went on a hiatus as Glen started concentrating on writing and 
    playing with different Bands and musicians all around Florida. 
      The "Midnight Blue" gives Glen a chance to reunite with some members of his old 
         band and bring back the excitement of  playing with some exceptional musicians.   
    (Glen Minau Bio)

    FINALLY!!! Multi-instrumentalist Raul Midon straddles Latin, pop & jazz, with a hair-raising, show-stopping voice and dazzling guitar technique. After several years as the first call background vocalist for pop stars including Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Raul_on_Papas_73_Dodge_Pickup.jpg (10239 bytes)Aguilera, Ricky Martin, Julio Iglesias and Jose Feliciano, he made the move to New York City. Midon has also devoted a great deal of time to his solo career as both a jazz vocal improviser and performer,working around the world with such notable jazz legends as Paquito D’Rivera, Dave Valentin, Dave Samuels, and Claudio Roditi.  Recently signed to Warner Chappell, he is now devoting his time to songwriting and is involved in several noteworthy commercial  projects.  Among them is the collaboration with DJ/Producer Louie Vega. The album "Elements of  Life" which  features Midon and Cape Verdian singer Anane is scheduled to be released in April 2003.  Midon is a member of NARAS,  LARAS,  AFTRA  and SAG. His new, self-produced CD “Blind To Reality,” is available at midon.com.  I'm so glad that my feeling in 1996 when I saw, met and heard this STAR,  my wish was that he become as soon as possible what he is today. Thank you so much for the production or agency,  which took him to the place, which  he deserved and belong to.

                                                                                                                            Born in USA Duffy Jackson, a dynamic and skilful drummer, he is the  
                                                                                                                                 son of  Chubby Jackson and displays  enthusiasm. He has worked with  
    many a  similarly exuberant sense of swing and musicians,DuffyJacksonface.jpg (10063 bytes)  playing in a  
                                                                                                                wide range of styles, including an appearance on a 
    mid-90's Harry Allen session for the Nagel-Heyer  
    release, The King. It is clear hat Jackson is at his 
                                                                              happiest and best working with mainstreamers such 
                                                                                                                           as Allen.  Nevertheless,  in 2000 he was touring Europe in a 
    duo with  the German  boogie-woogie specialist Axel Zwingenberger. 
                                                                                                                                I had the opportunity to meet  Duffy in 1996 at the
                                                                                                                    Van Dyke Jazz Club in Miami Beach. Since that day, Duffy and I
                                                                                                      are in contact (not so very often) because of  his busy schedule.
    Last January 2008 Duffy moved to Tennessee, where the music
    for a talented drummer like him, found his paradise, and can
    play for people who can appreciate not only Jazz music,
    but also a fantastic drummer like the great Duffy Jackson.
    I miss him a lot!


    In 1996, as I was going at the Colonnade Hotel in Coral Cables (Miami), 
    I had the opportunity not only to hear but meet an incredible musician, who 
    was to me not only an Artist, but a STAR his name was "
    Raul Midon".
    R.midonblindofreality331k.jpg (18615 bytes)As guitar player, singer, and synthesizing a trumpet 
    with his voice, I couldn't believe that such a musician
    wasn't already found by a big music producer.
    His voice sounded like Stevie Wonder,  blind and his 
    talent was over what I heard during the last 10 Years.
    The band was only three musicians, but sounded like five
    pieces band, with an incredible bass player and drummer.
    Today Raul finally found is way in NY city, where he found 
    a person who saw in him not only  a fantastic person, but also 
    an incredible STAR. 
    For more info about Raul Midon and buying CD's, log on:  

    Harold Saey, very known musician, because of his
    fantastic past with the famous
    Mother's Finest Band.
    The success of this great 80's band couldn't  be 
     ignored by professional musicians.  Harold is a 
    real pro, playing not only the drums, but also bass, 
    guitar, and sing  different style of music.  He sang that
    night the 15th of June 2002 as guest with The Midnight Blue, which
     was composed  with KC Keyboard, Willy Saey Bass,  David Saye Guitar
    and me at the Drums. Playing that night with four African-Americans,
    who played not only their muisic but in a very professional way.
    It was to me a pleasure that night to play R&B Music which I love.

    A little background of  KC.  Artist s who has worked 
    with the past three years with the following bands: 
     Krayzie Bone (Bone Thug's n’ Harmony, 
    Ghetto Cowboy). JT Money (Who Dat), Bunny Wailer 
    (The Melody Makers ), Nato (The Dog's) 3RE da  Harway, 
    Freak Nasty, DJ Kalid, The Crew, Duffy Jackson Jazz band,
    No Good but so Good, Nehemiah (Bahamas), Mind blow Production,  Boss Player Production, and a Host of upcoming new acts. 
    2001, KCquit M.B.B to go as professional musician again in South Florida.
    In  2003 KC came back to play with Midnight Blue and since then, we enjoyed this great  keyboard player, KC iss a real PRO.
    Today in 2006 KC moved to Las Vegas and I will regret this great Keyboard Player, who play with me for more than 4 years, but being a PRO, he will I'm sure, find in Las Vegas to play with big stars.









    May  2001:  I invited  a young guitar/singer for our gig at the oldest Concert  
     place in Miami "Tobacco Road".Shaw Starky.jpg (2623 bytes)
    I can tell you that he is one of the most talented guitar players in    
    South Florida.  His name is Shawn Starsky, and he is 21 year old, 
    who is playing with a very good band, the Regulators. He has such 
    potential to sing Rock n' Roll, which by the way,  was created and
    played before Shawn was born. I wish him the best, telling him  to 
    try to go as professional, which is easier to get into  when you are dynamic, 
    young and talented like he is. Today Feb 2006 I learned that Shaw had find to 
    go on tour with "Jason Ricci & New Blood". I'm so happy for him that he lived FL
    To go to L.A and find his way in the Music Business, which he DESERVED. He is 
    a real PRO, not like some local musicians (Miami)  who pretend to be,  but aren't!

    June 2000: Having our keyboarder in vacation, I called my friend
     Toby Travis who was playing with very good bands in South Florida.
    Toby is the kind of  PRO, who plays keyboard and doesn't need a Tobi_small.jpg (1970 bytes) lot 
    of time to practice, and be able to match with the band. 
    He is a super PRO and also a wonderful person, who 
    not only brings to the band grove trough is style 
    to play keyboard.  Thank you Toby for helping me
               and hope to have you  come back soon. Toby found his way to 
    go on tour actually as a professional around Florida, and the US.

    April 2000: Harold Neuweg Director and President of the Satchmo Grill.
    Thanks1.jpg (3887 bytes)He brought to Miami national and local  bands, which contributed
    to make the Satchmo Blues Bar and Grill, the number one Music 
    Scene in Miami 7days a week. I must  thank Harold for his contribution 
    to engage my band so many times not only on the main stage opening
    concerts for big American Blues Star (See Pictures), but also on that 
    fantastic relaxing area, which is the outside patio. He and his mangers gave me the
    name "Night Saver" for the simple fact that, when bands didn't show-up, always in
    this situation the calles me to make a band in few hours, and without doing practice
    we went un stage and played without problems. I did it for more than 14 times and
    it worked always because, I had to do with professional musicians. Great Time!

    Many times Don came to our gigs. He was well known and was a friendly
     Miami personage, who not only sing, but  play the harp very well.
    Dan_small.jpg (2842 bytes)He sang and still singing with bands at Jam Session's
    in many different places. His name is Don Feldstein, who I
    know since I'm living in Miami. This  personage is very known
    around town for his Social work, and as artist. It's always a big
    satisfaction when he came to sing with our band. So Don, in the
    future, don't give up to come Jamming with us and enjoying the music.


                                       Don Feldstein passed away on Thursday, April 28, 2011, at Metropolitan Hospital          

                     God Bless America!                                           
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