Left KC in Studio

After many years in South Florida, KC move in 2005 to Las Vegas in Search
of opportunities, which disappeared in South Florida and especially in Miami.
Two years after he moved there he found finally what he was looking for and
in August 2007, he was ask by an agent in Las Vegas to be part of a tour in
China, with a well known woman singer. It was the time of the Olympic games
and although the3 tour in China ended, KC decided to stay there and that for
one year playing in the most famous hotels of this country. He came back in the US
in 2009 and one year later he went to the Katar Emirat, where he played again in the
most luxurious Hotels to come back again two yeras later to Las Vegas, where he's living today

I'm really glad for him because he is a great not only musician, but also as keyboarder.
Many very good Musicians leave South Florida because of the invasion of Latin music,
which unfortunately force very good  musicians who want to play other music style to
migrate where more opportunities are and will continue to be appreciated.

KC (Karl Cusin) is a special PRO, who can play with anybody, any time and anywhere. 
His music knowledge and experience have no limits.  
His music ranges from the 60s, to the present.  I'm very fortunate to know such a musician . 
He always plays first for the music, which is the life of an artist and professional.

This is a project long over due. KC is originally from Yo and Sideman.
Some of his more recent  production and engineering projects include
Mo Thugs, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Duffy Jackson, 2 Live Crew and a host of others.
KC (Karl Cousin) is better known in the Miami area as an engineer / producer for Hip Hop / R&B. 
But after listening to this project you'll see what we mean when we said long over due.

A little background of KC.  Artist s who he has worked with in the past three years and  currently include: 
Krayzie Bone (Bone Thug's ní Harmony, Ghetto Cowboy). JT Money (Who Dat), Bunny Wailer 
(The Melody Makers ) Nato (The Dog's) 3RE da  Harway, Freak Nasty, DJ Kalid, The Crew, 
No Good but so Good, Nehemiah (Bahamas), Mind blow Production, 
Boss Player Production, and a Host of upcoming new acts.

He is working at  the best  facility in Miami : Audio Vision Studio (48Trk Radar, SSL G+),
Circle House Studio (24Trk Radar), Miracle on 38tth Street, and The Studio Center (48Trk 2", SSL)
He has also worked with Big Band Jazz Artist s like Duffy Jackson, Pete Minger, and Joe Donato.

Born to a musical mother, the progression was a natural one. performing professionally
 since the age of 11, has allowed this individual to go through 3 decades of music and musical trends.
He  currently does a lot of engineering and producing of hip hop and R&B tracks in Miami.  
"This music is my music, the way I feel it, the way it takes me."  KC

The first track "home" is a song that was written for his father. he had a stroke and it looked
as though he was getting better. so he wrote him a homecoming song.
instead his father passed away the same day, so it became a going home song.
Second track... whoz/gruvz is a roundabout straight ahead off the wall cut.... a lot of fun....